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Lanton Cloud hope to provide consumers with one-stop digital daily life services.

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A Brand-new Lifestyle to Better Combat COVID-19.

LANTON CLOUD SERVICE TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD is Cambodia's leading independent one-stop digital life services., founded by Dr. Li Kun, the Chairman of Lanmei aviation Group.

Our mission is to bring wisdom into life and make services interconnected. We strive to be the most well-known life service digital platform in ASEAN. We hope to promote the digital development of ASEAN countries so that everyone can enjoy high-quality life services. Lanton Cloud APP is a mobile application which integrates different commercial services such as air travel, cross-border shopping, cross-border logistics, hotel reservations, Cambodia parcel express into an online open platform for multiple daily life scenarios and industries, ultimately serving our business partners, customers and society.

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We lift economies and communities by advancing cambodia e-commerce.

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